“You did an AMAZING job with the Pub Crawl! What a fantastic idea! Thank you for executing! My friends and I had an absolute blast. I think we should make it a themed pub crawl quarterly event!

-Marisa (Santa Monica)

“Awesome location and awesome bars. Thanks for organizing this!!! Loved it and loved the costumes!!!!!!!”

-Jeff (Pomona)

“The streets of Santa Monica were PACKED, like they should be all the time!” This was brilliant! How has someone not thought of this before?”

-Derek (Venice)

“It was snowing over at Ye Ol Kings Head!”

-Ted (Burbank)

“I’ve never seen people be this friendly towards each other on the streets of Santa Monica!” “People were high-fiving each other in the streets so happy to be apart of the community. “I’m so proud to be a Santa Monica resident!”

-CJ (Santa Monica)

“Pub Crawl was the highest grossing revenue sales we’ve done by $2,000 in the 20 year history of the club.”

-David Ormesher, Harvelle’s Blues Club

“By far, our highest grossing day to date. Sign me up for next year!”

-Keith O’Brien, W. 4th & Jane

“We sold 1500 slices in 3 hours!”

-Joe, Joe’s Pizza

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