Pub Crawlers

"You did an AMAZING job with the Pub Crawl! What a fantastic idea! Thank you for executing! My friends and I had an absolute blast. I think we should make it a themed pub crawl quarterly event!"
Marisa (Santa Monica)
"I’ve never seen people be this friendly towards each other on the streets of Santa Monica!” “People were high-fiving each other in the streets so happy to be apart of the community. “I’m so proud to be a Santa Monica resident!"
CJ (Santa Monica)
"Awesome location and awesome bars. Thanks for organizing this!!! Loved it and loved the costumes!!!!!!!"
Jeff (Pomona)
"The streets of Santa Monica were PACKED, like they should be all the time!” This was brilliant! How has someone not thought of this before?"
Derek (Venice)
"It was snowing over at Ye Ol Kings Head!"
Ted (Burbank)

Restaurants & Bars

"Pub Crawl was the highest grossing revenue sales we’ve done by $2,000 in the 20 year history of the club."
David Ormesher, Harvelle’s Blues Club
"By far, our highest grossing day to date. Sign me up for next year!"
Keith O’Brien, W. 4th & Jane
"We sold 1500 slices in 3 hours!"
Joe, Joe’s Pizza